Monday, July 29, 2019


Things often turn full circle and Brigg Blog wonders whether this could now apply to litter collection.
We have just chanced upon an old picture taken on Wrawby Street, near the White Horse pub, one sunny August day in the 1950s.
A section of it is reproduced above, suggesting that a local company was then sponsoring litter bins within the town centre.
George Layne & Company operated a large garage on Bigby Street - selling, servicing and repairing cars, vans and lorries. It was a major Brigg employer for much of the 20th century until 1971.
If litter bins could be sponsored in the 1950s when Brigg Urban District Council was running the town, is it possible to set up something similar today?
Brigg Town Council, founded in 1974, is currently in the process of providing additional bins of various sizes to be erected at key locations.
We've seen welcome sponsorship of some flower beds on roundabouts across North Lincolnshire in recent years. So how about trying to find one, or more, sponsors for the new Brigg bins?
This would help to reduce the overall cost to the public purse, which is always welcome.
Perhaps someone will think a trip down memory LAYNE is worth considering.


smiler said...

perhaps local takeaways would sponsor nearby bins

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