Wednesday, July 17, 2019


A bird's eye picture of Brigg town centre with St John's Church and the Dying Gladiator pub in view - June 2019

Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, called at the Exchange in Brigg during her royal visits to the town.
Police marksmen, posted for security reasons, found the Exchange's lofty roof an ideal spot, following in the footsteps of the Home Guard based there during the Second World War.
Dad's Army privates from Brigg on top of the roof in the early 1940s would have spied Wallhead's shop (established in 1897) far below them on the corner of Cross Street.
From the top of the building now, on a clear day, you can see the so-called Golf Ball monitoring station on top of the distant Lincolnshire Wolds.
As we surveyed the scene, owner Joe Mullen pointed out the M180 by-passing Brigg and (much closer to home) the roofs of town houses built a few years ago on the site previously used by Draper's Joinery.
We watched traffic progress down Bigby Street towards the Dying Gladiator pub and then made our way back down the winding steps from the flat roof with its protective battlement-like surrounds.
Once we had returned to ground level, Joe pointed out an inscribed metal plaque listing those Exchange Club members who served their country during the First World War, in a variety of roles.
Sadly, some did not survive the conflict. But among those who did was Sir Berkeley Sheffield (6th Baronet), 1876-1946, local landowner, Brigg MP for some years and High Sheriff of Lincolnshire, 1905.
During our guided tour we also popped in to take a look at the historic Tiffin Room, on the Bigby Street side of the ground floor. View details here...
Brigg Blog reckoned we had seen most things of note in the town over the past 60+ years, but visiting the roof of the Exchange was a first for us.

PICTURED ABOVE: St John's Church and Bigby Street,  with the Dying Gladiator pub on the left.

Looking down Bigby Street towards Albert Street.

The Exchange with its lofty roof from where our bird's eye pictures were taken.

The Golden Living housing development in Brigg town centre. - June 2019
The Golden Living housing development in Brigg town centre.

A view across the roof of the Exchange with protective wall.

Wallhead's shop, founded in 1897, on the right.

Looking towards Cross Street and Garden Street.

Trees as far as the eye can see!