Friday, July 12, 2019



Brigg now has its first dedicated Chatty Bench.
You can find it within the town centre, midway along College Yard.
Brigg Blog chanced upon the Chatty Bench being embellished on Friday morning.
So-called Chatty Benches, where people are welcome to sit together and converse, can be found worldwide. They generally have a coloured theme.
College Yard shops have worked hard to decorate this courtyard with potted plants.



For a small market town, Brigg is well served by public seating.
The unique Tintab covered shelter, on East Park, near The Monument war memorial, is the best known.
Over many years, North Lincolnshire Council, Brigg Town Council and some groups have provided bench seats at many other locations, while some families have provided ones in memory of loved ones now departed.
Locations range from Wrawby Road to Bridge Street and along the Old River Ancholme towpath.
The Angel's WI (Women's Institute) previously installed a jam pot theme beside the A1084 on Bigby Road.
This year the same flower bed has an attractive busy bee display, pictured below.
We've already mentioned volunteers' worthy Brigg in Bloom initiative which has provided flowers at many sites and the D-Day Landing Craft bed from the Brigg & District Veterans' Group.
Colourful flower tubs were in place for Brigg Bike Night 2019 - ahead of an influx of more than 2,000 visitors to the town centre.
Many of those people walked over the County Bridge and admired the floral displays.

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