Sunday, July 07, 2019


Tuckers home-made ice cream on sale at Brigg Bike Night 2019 on Bridge Street

Brigg Bike Night 2019 on Friday featured Tuckers Ice Cream, which made the short trip to town from Scawby Brook where it's based at the King William IV pub.
This ice cream is very tasty and has a creamy texture that reminded us of eating Sargents ice cream in the 1960s when the Hibaldstow-based business sent its vans to tour housing estates across Brigg in the pre-decimal era of the threepenny corner. 

Can we remember tastes, with accuracy, from 50 or more years ago?
Hearing the bell ringing as the van approached led to mums being asked: "Can we have an ice cream, please? In the old prefabs on Woodbine Grove the answer was not always what we wanted to hear!
Tuckers had a traditional cycle-cart dispensing ices to spectators on Bike Night and was located near the former Nelthorpe Arms pub.
We are told that Tuckers now has a weekend sales pitch close to the A18 in Brigg, near Barnard Avenue's Riverside Surgery.
Stop and buy one if you're passing on a lazy Sunday afternoon.