Sunday, July 07, 2019


Brigg and District Veterans Group has outlined its aims and events.
Chairman Charlie Brindley says: "We are a group of veterans who live in and around the Brigg area who were formed up about a year ago to bring ex-servicemen and service women, families and supporters together for the good of the ex-service community locally.
"We have a weekly drop-in, at present located in the Brigg Library, every Thursday between 9:30 and 13:00 where if you have any questions ‘Service Related’ if we cannot directly answer your questions we know someone who can and will.
"If you just want to come in for a chat and cuppa/biscuits you’re more that welcome to drop in for the criac, jokes and remember the strength of the team we were all once part of - the best team in the world, as we knew it then.
"We have met many ex-National Servicemen who because they only served several years believe they are not veterans; this couldn’t be further from the truth - you served, you are a veteran and are entitled to any veteran benefits if you are in need.
"We are a group of equals. No matter the rank of discharge, you have an equal voice at the monthly meeting or putting ideas forward for the good of the group or veterans they may know locally who perhaps could do with visits either in the own homes or community accommodation."
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