Wednesday, July 10, 2019


There are FOUR main entrances to the pedestrian area in Brigg town centre that cyclists encounter, but only one of these routes has a relevant sign informing riders that they must dismount.
Full marks for this one (pictured above) on the County Bridge, but what about the other three?
A blue sign at the entrance to the pedestrian zone near Cross Street (pictured below) currently informs cyclists that they need to dismount THROUGH THE MARKET PLACE, which seems to suggest it's fine for them to ride down Wrawby Street as far as the former NatWest bank.
Surely the no riding restriction applies to the entire pedestrian area and not just to our central square.

There also needs to be a blue 'cyclists dismount' sign added on Cary Lane, where the pedestrian area begins, close to the turning circle, and another to be positioned on Bigby Street where it meets the Market Place, near The Bank hairdressing salon.
We raise this topic because the length of days and warm sunny weather combine to make July and August a prime time of year for people to ignore the restrictions on cycling within Brigg town centre.
The pedestrian area is supposed to be free from moving cycles and vehicles, unless the latter are being used for loading. Vehicles used by the emergency services are clearly exempt.
Over many years, and on many occasions, there have been calls for the powers-that-be to take firm action against those who ignore the rules, on two or four wheels.
Some Brigg people will have seen a recent fly-on-the-wall TV documentary about the emergency services in a southern county during which a police officer served a £50 notice on a driver who took his vehicle onto the pavement. The man was only a few yards off the highway but the constable took quick and decisive action.
However within Brigg's pedestrian area, drivers and cyclists continue to be observed on the move, the latter usually travelling at greater speeds than the former!
In the past it has seen suggested that council wardens, out on patrol, can only deal with stationary vehicles, and that cars that are moving must be left to the police.
It doesn't matter what sort of uniform the enforcer is wearing; many people would just like to see some action being taken.
News that folk have been made to cough up cash will soon get round the town via social media and word of mouth. And that will deter others from riding and driving in the town centre.
Shoppers should be able to walk along the pedestrianised section of Wrawby Street, and through the Market Place, without having to keep an eye out for approaching vehicles and cycles.
It's clearly not the fault of the police or North Lincolnshire Council, the highway authority, that some drivers and cyclists decide to break the rules.
Hopefully, in the near future, we will receive a positive update outlining ways in which this issue is to be tackled, and also see the signage improved to ensure that the requirement for cyclists to dismount at the FOUR entrances is made crystal clear.

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