Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Efforts to promote the Saturdays-only passenger train service in Brigg have been stepped up.
North Lincolnshire Council's Tourist Information Centre at The Buttercross has agreed to put a poster (see above) about the Brigg Line on its rolling display screen, which scores of pedestrians pass every week in the Market Place.
This screen gives information about events and services within the area.
A rail campaigner recently contacted the TIC with a request to publicise the line by using a poster he provided "to highlight travelling to Brigg by train."
A recent Brigg Blog post revealed that someone who has lived in the town for 12 years had only just made her first train trip from our station, visiting Cleethorpes.
We pointed out that other folk who have lived in the town a lot longer than that wrongly believe Brigg railway station closed many years ago.
However, three Saturday trains currently run to Sheffield (via Gainsborough and Retford) and three to Grimsby and Cleethorpes (via Barnetby).
The passenger train service was reduced to Saturdays-only 26 years ago.
Brigg station, which opened in the 1840s, was on the Manchester Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway's mainline.
In the 1970s it still boasted a full range of station buildings and had a meaningful timetable.
Things then showed a steady decline, with the booking hall and waiting rooms among the first to go.
Brigg Tourist Information's support will now help to show that Brigg still has a presence on the national rail network and that people living as far away as Sheffield can Visit Brigg on Saturdays to use our shops.

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