Thursday, July 04, 2019


Brigg Blog was very pleased to see the number of people taking part in a town pub's weekly quiz.
These are held on Thursday nights at the Lord Nelson, in the Market Place, from 8.45pm, and there's another coming up tonight. Entry is just £1 per person.
Last Thursday (June 27) we dropped in for half an hour - just to observe, not to take part - and Stef's Pop Quiz is clearly a winner with the teams.
Some were made up of Brigg people we recognised but others came from outside the town.
Having left the Nelson, we popped in at The Exchange where a couple of chaps were performing some impressive card tricks for the amusement of customers in Mark Burns' bar.
This reminded us of enjoyable nights long ago, in the Queen's Arms and the Black Bull, when Roger Hindson used to entertain us with a pack of cards.
We never worked out how he did the tricks, despite sitting next to him as he shuffled the deck on many occasions.
Our town centre trip last Thursday also took in the Dying Gladiator, where another of the popular student nights was being enjoyed, courtesy of general manager Eugene Irwin.
It made us feel our age!