Monday, July 01, 2019


Just a few days after raising the issue of British Steel's future during Brigg Town Council's June meeting (read the details here) Coun Rob Waltham, pictured, called other local authorities to support the industry.

Coun Waltham, who lives in Brigg, wants them to sign up to the Steel Charter and use British steel in their construction projects, just as his North Lincolnshire authority does.


North Lincolnshire Council’s leader has written to more than 100 council bosses across the country urging them to back British Steel by signing the UK Steel Charter.
Cllr Rob Waltham recently secured support from Lincolnshire County Council and North East Lincolnshire Council in joining North Lincolnshire Council to sign the Steel Charter, committing to using sustainable steel and UK steel in construction projects.
North Lincolnshire Council has used almost 1,000 tonnes of steel from British Steel in its most recent major building projects, including:

  • St John’s Market in Scunthorpe
  • Axholme North Leisure Centre in Crowle
  • Church Square House office development in Scunthorpe
  • Ongo office development in Scunthorpe
  • Belton Kitchen and Visitor Centre
  • Bottesford and Yaddlethorpe Visitor Centre
  • Baysgarth extension
  • River Trent flood defence scheme
  • Killingholme Marshes Pumping Station
  • The Baths Hall in Scunthorpe
Cllr Waltham said: “There are a great many things we can do to support the UK’s steel industry and the workers here in Scunthorpe. We need to use public money for public good and I am urging councils across the country to support British steel and the jobs the industry brings to our country.
“The Government fought hard to secure social value as a key factor for the public sector when choosing to purchase products such as steel. We need to make sure we use this to provide an important market for our steel industry.
“Our best hope of securing a prosperous future for British Steel comes from finding a buyer who sees the potential in the market for steel in the UK and abroad. By asking these 100 councils to pledge to, wherever possible, use British steel, we can provide a significant amount of buying power and generate an important set of public funded customers for our steel industry to access. Helping to provide confidence to a potential buyer, whist helping keep jobs locally. The Government have done a great deal to support the industry and this campaign will, we hope, play a small part towards helping secure a future for steel in our area.”
By signing the pledge, councils and private companies support the aims and objectives of the UK Steel Charter which has been developed to maximise opportunities for UK steel producers in construction and infrastructure by:

  • Helping ensure the best possible economic benefit to the UK economy by increasing GVA in the UK manufacturing supply chains
  • Unlock the social, environmental and economic benefits of shortened and localised supply chains
  • Promote and facilitate the use of UK produced steel in construction and infrastructure projects
  • Support highly paid, skilled manufacturing jobs and training opportunities in communities across the UK

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