Monday, July 08, 2019


There was a colourful welcome to the town for those who attended Brigg Bike Night 2019 last Friday (July 5).
The event attracted more than 2,000 people to the town centre, where flowers in tubs and planters were on show as part of the Brigg in Bloom initiative.
This work was ideally timed to be seen by the year's highest concentration of visitors.
Most Bike Night participants and spectators passed over the County Bridge at some point, with colourful blooms on display at either side and along the nearby Old River Ancholme towpath, now forming part of the Ancholme Valley Way.
Those who arrived along the A18 passed other floral displays on roadside railings along Barnard Avenue and adjoining the roundabout near the Lidl store.

Hanging baskets at various locations have also been filled with flowers, which will now be watered at regular intervals to keep them fresh.
Green-fingered and community-minded volunteers operate the Brigg in Bloom scheme, which helps to brighten the town each summer.
North Lincolnshire Council and Brigg Town Council give welcome support.

Much work has gone into providing the displays and more will follow to keep them looking good over the coming weeks. 
Back in May the Town Council added colourful town centre bunting, but we note that some of the strands have now come adrift midway along Wrawby Street. This may well result from high winds. As the bunting array is expected to stay in place until the autumn, we can expect the damaged strands to be repositioned in the near future.

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