Saturday, April 20, 2019


It appears many adult passengers may be able to save money on train travel from Brigg and Kirton Lindsey stations when using the Saturdays-only service.
The suggestion is that those who show the guard/conductor their North Lincolnshire concessionary pass with a picture of a train symbol on it will only need to pay a child's fare. 

Brigg Blog's informant has kindly included details of return fares from Brigg and Kirton Lindsey that he believes should apply:
Brigg - Cleethorpes £5.10
Brigg - Grimsby Town £ 4.90
Brigg - Lincoln £ 5.35 #

Kirton in Lindsey - Cleethorpes £6.50
Kirton in Lindsey - Brigg £ 2.70
Kirton in Lindsey - Lincoln £6.40 #
Kirton in Lindsey - Gainsborough Central £3.50

# Change at Barnetby

Fares and Train time advice are available via the MSLR Facebook page.  Visit

Now spring has sprung and summer is not too far away, more people will be using the iconic Brigg line for days out in Cleethorpes and Lincoln.
Please help to spread the word as many folk are unaware that Brigg still has a functioning railway station - sadly only seeing trains on Saturdays at present.
It would be a real boost for the town if this could be extended to weekdays.
Brigg has a Tourist Information Centre and is regarded as a town that tourists want to visit.
But surely there's a need to reduce car journeys and get more people taking to the trains.

PICTURED: A passenger train arriving at Brigg station.

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