Wednesday, April 03, 2019


Market Lane in Brigg town centre, March 2019, with the Tesco store in the distance

What is the status of Market Lane in Brigg town centre?
That was a the question posed by local resident Ken Harrison during the Annual Town Meeting, held in the Angel Suite.
Brigg Town Council raised this issue with North Lincolnshire Council a decade ago, seeking to clarify whether Market Lane is a public thoroughfare or holds some other status. Gates had appeared at the top of the lane (see picture above).
Ken asked: "What is the present position?" And he added: "Surely it doesn't take 10 years to decide."
Coun James Truepenny said people continued to use it as a thoroughfare.
"Maybe it's something the new council can follow up after the election," he suggested, in reference to the town poll coming up on May 2.
Market Lane, pictured here, runs between the Market Place and the access road leading to Spring's Parade.
The stockmarket, primarily used to buy and sell cattle, used to occupy part of the site between Cary Lane and Barnard Avenue where the Tesco store now stands.