Thursday, April 25, 2019


Brigg Blog today suggests that removal of redundant road markings and street signs should be authorised by the powers-that-be.
Many months ago we posted a piece about a government campaign aimed at getting local authorities to remove those that have long since passed their sell-by date.
One Brigg street alone has a number of examples.
On Glebe Road there are:

  • Two triangular 'watch out for pedestrians' signs warning drivers, but the primary school nearby closed 11 years ago.
  • A range of speed-restricting humps on the road surface, although scores of schoolchildren and their parents no longer cross the road here.
  • 'Keep Clear' road markings alongside a former entrance to the Sir John Nelthorpe School playing fields, since replaced by a gate too narrow for vehicles to use (see picture above).
Just round the corner, in Grammar School Road, are two signs pointing the way to Brigg Resource Centre, which ceased to operate on the Springbank estate many years ago.
It would cost public money to send a gang out to remove these signs and markings. But perhaps next time one is working in this part of town for other reasons, workmen/women could they be asked to make a slight detour and carry out the task.
Removing the 'Keep Clear' road markings would create another on-street parking space in an area of high demand.
On a positive note, Brigg Blog is pleased to see a large litter bin on Glebe Road, near the chip shop that closed many months ago.
These premises are currently being refurbished and are expected to reopen as a fast food outlet. So this bin is very well located.
An audit of bins across the town was carried out recently. Someone has shown some foresight in respect of Glebe Road.

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Ken Harrison said...

Must include the triangular School warning sign in nearby Redcombe Lane...and if we look at street signs in General, there are a number of street/road name signs about the Grammar School/Springbank estate that are so bleached that all remains are plain white rectangular plates screwed to walls...