Sunday, April 14, 2019



Permission has been granted to prune a mature tree in Brigg that's the subject of a Tree Preservation Order. But the cutting back will not be as extensive as originally proposed.
An agent for Humberside Police told North Lincolnshire Council that the mature ash on Cary Lane's grassy area adjoining the police station was causing lots of "falling debris" affecting an adjoining parking area. The plan was to reduce this risk.
However, the application to crown lift and crown reduce the tree canopy was only partially approved by the local authority.
A North Lincolnshire Council planning report explained: "A crown lift to 3 metres, to give clearance over the car park, is considered to be reasonable. Other works to also crown reduce this tree does appear to be excessive and there is no information to support the requirement to undertake this work. For this reason the works to crown lift is given, but the crown reduction is not included within this consent."
The ash is covered by The Tree Preservation (Barnard Avenue, Brigg) Order 2001.
Could we view this as a special branch decision by the council?
Our picture shows the tree in February. The police station is to the left and

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smiler said...

so undermanned & underfunded that they can't go around the car park with a broom & shovel