Wednesday, February 07, 2018



Brigg will be enjoying another Bike Night this year - a major spectator event in the town's calendar of events.
Organiser Lucy Fensome - mine host at the Yarborough Hunt, on Bridge Street - has set the date and confirmed to Brigg Blog that it's all systems go.
Brigg Bike Night 2018 will be held on Friday, July 6, from 5pm.
Fans of two-wheel transport will be congregating en masse in Bridge Street to enjoy the spectacle,  which was revived in 2015 after an absence of some years.
Ahead of the 2017 event, Brigg Blog estimated  that 1,000 people would turn up. But many more than that did so. And a great night was enjoyed.
Pubs and fast food outlets did a roaring trade last July, and the same  boost to the local economy will be afforded by Brigg Bike Night  2018.

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PICTURED: Lucy Fensome on her Honda outside the Yarborough Hunt pub on Brigg Bike Night 2017. Below: Crowds on Bridge Street.

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