Monday, February 26, 2018


Cold but sunny weather was about the best we could hope for at the monthly Brigg Farmers' Market and adjoining general market held on Saturday (February 24).
We paid a late morning visit during the peak period and expected to see more shoppers supporting the stalls, organised by North Lincolnshire Council.
There was a good attendance, but things were not as busy as they might have been, given the good weather - for February.
The number of packs of Lincolnshire Poacher cheese remaining when we pay our late morning visit to the farmers' market is usually a good indicator of how busy the market is.
We bought  a pack  but felt it was a little too cold to sample an ostrich burger and sit on a seat near the County Bridge to eat it.
By the time the next monthly market is held on Saturday, March 24, spring should have sprung. But, given the vagaries of the British weather, we could get anything from snow to warm sunshine!

Our picture, taken soon after 11am, shows Saturday shoppers making their way to browse the stalls on Brigg Farmers' Market.

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Unknown said...

maybe a competition to encourage to visit each stall might help