Thursday, January 28, 2010


One resident of Redcombe Lane has objected to a planning application for an extension, with associated car parking, at the Carers' Centre.
Town councillors heard there were some concerns being expressed about possible loss of light and going beyond the existing building line.
Both these observations will be drawn to the attention of North Lincolnshire Council planners, who are to make the final decision.
Coun Julian Kidd drew some laughs - perhaps unintentionally - when he suggested: "Building lines used to be set in stone."
Thomas Bell and Sons' application for an extension to its Bigby Road premises, near the level crossing, prompted Coun Ann Eardley to tell this week's meeting of the Town Council's planning and environment committee: "It shows that the company's thriving."
Town councillors have no objection to 54 Bridge Street reverting from office to residential use. It housed the former offices of Grimley Smith Associates. Coun Jane Kitching stressed: "It's just going back to how it was."
Again, North Lincolnshire planners will decide whether to give the go-ahead.
The same applies to changes proposed for The Retreat, on Bigby Street, where permission is being sought to make an entire building residential at the rear of the former Preparatory School. NOT the main school building, but a white-painted one behind it. Councillors heard there were no plans to use the building as accommodation for pupils.
Ancholme Rowing Club (pictured) has now received permission to carry out pruning work to an ash tree near its boathouse, off Manley Gardens, situated in the conservation area.

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Ken Harrison said...

Just read in tonight's ST re the proposal for converting the old Court House into flats.
Can't quite decided whether I agree, or disagree with such an idea at the mo'.
On one hand, it's a pity that the building was not put to a more discerning public use - for example, a Brigg museum, or decent youth centre.
Alternatively, the town needs good accommodation, but where is the car parking? The nearest unrestricted, on-street parking facility to the building is St Helen's Rd, or perhaps, our favourite, the lovable, but unfortunate, Albert St.