Monday, January 11, 2010


Yesterday morning I was stopped from exiting Old Courts Road by a red light when no vehicles at all were in sight along Barnard Avenue (in either direction). Previously we've commented about being held up by a red light on Barnard Avenue with no cars visible on either Wesley Road or Old Courts Road.
Isn't it time these lights were looked at?

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Ken Harrison said...

I'm going to dedicate the Goodies' 'Traffic Lights' song to you Nige.
It was sung in a montonous voice of poor musical talent...
'I like traffic light, I light traffic lights (repeated several time)...when they are green..I don't like traffic lights, I don't like traffic lights (repeated several time).....when there are red.'

But the BIG question is....Do we really need traffic lights at that junction? Rather than trying to optimise the sequence and timing ...perhaps someone could switch them off and see what happens.