Saturday, January 23, 2010


North Lincolnshire Homes is making improvements to Brigg's Horse Fair Paddock group dwelling for pensioners, built in 1979 in the old days of council ownership of such facilities.
The work is planned to finish at the end of this month, subject to doors arriving on schedule. The £31,000 scheme involves external flat windows and an external corridor, communal windows and doors. Internal improvements are planned for 2011/12.
We try to be positive in Brigg Blog, wherever possible, and welcome investment in the town's housing stock, but felt we had to ask North Lincolnshire Homes whether winter was really the best time of year to be replacing the windows.
"Our programmes have to run all year round," their spokesman explained.
More good news is on the horizon, with the organisation planning to carry out further work to dwellings at "various residential locations across Brigg" later this year and during 2011/12.
You can find out more about North Lincolnshire Homes, which now manages former council housing stock throughout the area, by calling 01724 279900, writing to their HQ at Meridian House, Normanby Road, Scunthorpe, DN15 8QZ (the former Lysaght's steelworks central labs block), or visit the website through this link NLH


Ken Harrison said...

Cast your mind back to last winter, Nige.
This time 12 months ago, Anglia Windows were replacing the windows and doors on the senior-cit's bungalows* along Barnard Avenue.

What's an 'external corridor'?
Is it another name for balcony?

A bit of edification:
*for info: bungalow, pyjamas and verandah are all Indian (Hindu) words. Balcony derives from Italian - balcon. 'Romeo, Romeo where are art thou?'

Ken Harrison said...

A bit more edification:

We takes windows for granted...but they have had mixed futured in the past.

They were so expensive at one time that the rich removed tham when they moved.
The so-called King John's lost treasure in The Wash, relates to his treasure of windows that he took with him on his travels.
Later, widows were used to calculate how much tax one would pay. In consequence, many building owners bricked up windows to reduce their 'council tax' demand.