Wednesday, January 06, 2010


It can't have been a mirage, in view of the current wintry weather, but I'm sure I saw the Ghostbusters vehicle parked in the car park outside Brigg's Riverside Surgery yesterday afternoon.
However, after I'd driven the length of Barnard Avenue, turned round at the Monument and returned to the surgery car park, with every intention of taking a picture of it, the vehicle had gone. And not even a steaming pile of ectoplasm in the snow to prove it had ever been there. Or any sign of a Dr Wenkman at the surgery.
A few weeks ago I received a tip-off about a Ghostbusters vehicle being seen on the road near Forest Pines but thought no more about it. Clearly a mistake!
I know we have successful BASH ghost walks around Brigg town centre but the proceeds are nowhere near enough to fund the purchase of a 'company car' like this, however apt a Ghostbusters estate car might be.
Can any Brigg Blog readers say who owns this carefully customised vehicle, and tell us the purpose behind it?
For the benefit of those who don't know, Ghostbusters was a very successful comedy film about a zany group saving New York from being possessed by evil spirits. There was an equally popular sequel. Ray Parker Jnr, the man behind the very catchy theme tune, is now appearing in a TV advert for a UK telephone directory service. Presumably there's no point in ringing that company and asking for the number of the Brigg area Ghostbusters.


Ken Harrison said...'s alright folks!!!
Nige was just checking the emptiness of the bottles before he put them in the bottle bank at the nearby Tesco car park!!!

Ken Harrison said...

Seriously, Nige...
I recall an article in the ST some time about last summer re a Brigg/Barton group calling themselves the Ghostbusters. One of the main guys lives in Brigg and has devices to find spectres....true, honest, not fibbing to yer, Nige!

Ken Harrison said...

.....Google' 'Ghostbusters Brigg' and there's a ST article from last Aug.
A guy called Andy Kilbee from Atkinson Ave appears to be a ghosts' leading light.

Is there a connection?