Sunday, January 17, 2010


Local residents are happy with a Brigg town centre planning application, according to information submitted by the applicant to North Lincolnshire Council.
The former Prep School on Bigby Street - now known as The Retreat - is the subject of a change of use application to alter the whole building to residential.
But it appears that doesn't mean the main ex-Prep School building, seen here.
An explanatory note on the application says: "The building is situated to the rear of Brigg Preparatory School – behind a building known as Ancholme Mews."
Demeter House Ltd adds: "The building is current a first floor flat and classroom space on the ground floor. We would like to apply for the whole building to become residential as it was originally a house before the owners of Brigg Preparatory bought it," .
For so long a feature of the town, Brigg Prep School closed in rather controversial circumstances, following which the site was put up for sale.
There is a Demeter House School in Scunthorpe.


Ken Harrison said...

True....before the Prep School, the house was a vicarage.

Does the application mean the school will become a boarding school for SEN children?

Ken Harrison said...

The application refers to a building called. The Retreat, which lies to the rear of the main school building.

Ken Harrison said...

.....just happened to speak to one of the tachers.....Dementer House is the same as the Rowland Rd, Scunthorpe one....they've moved.
It's a school for children, at the moment from 7+ to 14 years - Key stage 2 and 3, with autism, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).