Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Much was debated and decided at last night's Town Council and planning and environment committee meetings, including the parish precept for 2010/11. That's how much as a householder you will be asked to pay to keep Brigg Town Council functioning during the next financial year. Just a few pounds, I assure you. The majority, of course, goes to fund the much larger North Lincolnshire unitary authority. There's also an update on the new Queen Street residents' parking scheme.
Further posts to come over the next few days, as time permits...Please keep reading!

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Ken Harrison said...

Another clarification:

The proposed Residents' Parking Scheme (which gives residents with NLC permits exemption from restrictive parking restrictions - not exclusive parking rights)is not confined just to Queen St.
The Scheme includes certain residents within a defined area which includes Queen St, Garden St Cross St. parts of Wrawby St.and Bigby St and Grammar Sch. Rd South.
Certain parking zones within this defined area will allow residents (with permits) to park, assuming that they park legally, longer than the designated 1 hour limited parking, which will apply to non-residents.

In the very near future, (very likely from 1st March), NLC will assume on-street enforcement from Humberside Police.
NLC Enforcement Officers have already been appointed and have been trained and they WILL visit Brigg on a regular basis.
NLC is expectantly awaiting approval from the Ministry of Transport, which is due at any moment.

It has been claimed that for at least a fortnight before the implementation of Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE), there will be a period of 'education and informative information' in Brigg and the whole of North Lincs.

BE VERY AWARE that on-street parking (CPE) will be enforced.....don't get caught out.