Saturday, January 09, 2010


The next public meeting of the Brigg Neighbourhood Policing Panel will be held on Tuesday (January 12) at 7.30pm in the Angel Suite, Brigg. From 6.30pm members of the public can go along and chat to police officers about issues they do not wish to discuss in public.
Coun Tom Glossop, from Brigg (pictured), chairs these quarterly meetings during which a report on the previous three months policing and local crime figures/trends will be given.
Hopefully, Tuesday's meeting will go ahead - despite the wintry weather.


Ken Harrison said...

pol-ICE, eh!

Ken Harrison said...

I think that they should have these police liaison meetings in pubs....or better still the Servicemen's Club....after a few drinks, folks will feel a bit more lubricated to talk openly about concerns.
I feel that the folks who go to the formalised meeting will be the same articulate crowd with individuals stressing their own concerns, rather than presenting a bigger convas.