Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Brigg Town Council has two committee meetings tonight in the Angel Suite Lounge, with discussion relating to Queen Street residents' parking probably of greatest interest to the general public. That's the final item on the agenda of the planning and environment committee which meets at 7pm.

To receive a report from Councillor T.D. Glossop and the clerk regarding the scheme it is proposed will be trialled in the Queen Street area of the town.

Just to make it clear...That, of course, is a North Lincolnshire Council trial, not anything Brigg town councillors have come up with. They are just making their views known as representatives of our community.

Planning applications to be considered tonight (North Lincs making the final decisions) include an extension to 12 Birch Avenue and an extension and retention of storage containers by Thomas Bell and Son, Bigby Road (all previously mentioned on Brigg Blog - use our search facility if you want to look them up).
A meeting of the property and services committee follows at 7.45pm.
Reports on the allotments in Redcombe Lane (pictured) and Grammar School Road are expected, together with a discussion on whether the town council wishes to fund the cost of a gate into the Woodbine Park play area, off South View Avenue. Decision-making was held over from an earlier meeting because important information was late arriving.
Both tonight's meetings are open to the public, who may listen to the discussions but not chip in their thoughts to the debates. The Angel Suite Lounge, where the meetings are held, is downstairs (NOT the main former ballroom). Access is via the rear of the building.
If you can't get along, visit Brigg Blog during the week to read all about it. And the Scunthorpe Telegraph, if they send a reporter along, which they sometimes do.

NF adds: As it's snowing (again) while I'm typing this post I thought we'd have a nice summer picture of the allotments, just to remind us of warmer times.

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