Monday, October 03, 2022


CCTV surveillance in Brigg could be enhanced to help keep an eye on crime and hopefully deter any potential wrong-doers.
A new camera location has been suggested to monitor Elwes Street's Millennium Green.
Over many years this area of public open space beside the Old River Ancholme has seen incidents of anti-social behaviour and vandalism.
Two cameras - mounted on posts along Elwes Street - already monitor the Green.
But the possibility of adding another on a building to provide a different view of the area has been discussed.
The alternative is to move one of the pole-mounted cameras to a nearby building.
During Brigg Town Council's latest meeting it was agreed that a small working group should examine CCTV provision on Elwes Street in greater detail.
Delegating the task in this way will speed up the process.
The Millennium Green - established as a Year 2000 project - was originally overseen by a local trust.
The Town Council now looks after the facility which has seating and tables and also a range of outdoor gym equipment the public can use (installed in June this year).
There is also a Holocaust Memorial Sculpture, alongside which solemn services are held each January.
There was a very large gathering on the Green in June when a beacon was lit to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee.

PICTURED: A police notice on Millennium Green railings fronting Elwes Street, and a previously installed camera.