Sunday, October 09, 2022


This is the last post which will appear on Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog.
Our website, with its daily updates, has finally reached the end of the line, to use a railway term.
As a former long-serving cricketer, we've decided to declare our innings closed and retire to the boundary's edge to raise a glass and reflect on our efforts.
Fittingly, the final event covered was the Brigg Town Cricket Club presentation of awards 'do' last night (Saturday) at the Black Bull.
Yesterday (October 8) marked Brigg Blog's 15th anniversary, following an initial post made back on October 8, 2007.
This milestone seems an appropriate time to retire, having spent 48 years in journalism in North Lincolnshire since 1974 (local newspapers, public relations and freelance spells).
However, we have no plans to remove Brigg Blog from the internet.
All content on our site will remain through the kind offices of our long-standing hosts at the domain.
We are grateful to all the people who have followed Brigg Blog down the years, and to everyone who has supplied information for inclusion in posts on a very wide range of topics.
Correspondents range from those who have been in touch once or twice to others who have kindly forwarded content, and even images, on a regular basis.
Ken Harrison, of Brigg Matters magazine, has supplied more than anyone, going right back to Brigg Blog's early years.
Our thanks are also extended to Brigg Town Council for being supportive of our blog's efforts to provide community news and views, and to inform people about what's happening locally.
Brigg Blog has provided more than 15,600 posts. The first - discussing four local issues - can be viewed through this link...
A kind comment received on launch day 15 years ago said: "The blog is looking good, Nigel. A more personal view on the news in Brigg is interesting to read."
We've looked to provide personal views and reflections on Brigg life since then.
A lot of water has flowed under the County Bridge while the blog has been operating, and there have been many changes, arrivals, openings and closures, plus sporting successes and a few low spots.
We've been posting three items a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a years, for a considerable period.
Many hours a week are required to source, write and upload these, and the accompanying images.
The time taken is far greater than Brigg Blog followers might imagine.
We've done our best to keep people informed, but now is the time to take things easier. Especially as we passed normal retirement age many months ago.
Regular sources for posts have included planning applications and decisions, roadworks, speed camera locations, food hygiene ratings, meetings of Brigg Town Council (which we've always attended), any topics relating to local licensed premises and eateries, and sports matches and events.
Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog being the site's full title, we won't be passing it on to others to continue posts in the future.
That's all folks!

PICTURED: Brigg's blogger in the town centre yesterday morning, on the website's 15th anniversary.