Saturday, October 08, 2022


A timescale has been suggested for the demolition of the Hewson House office complex in Brigg - declared redundant by North Lincolnshire Council and now disused.
February 27, 2023 is given as the estimated start date, with completion of on-site works off Station Road and Bigby Street by September 1 next year.
These dates are included in documentation which has been submitted to North Lincolnshire Council planners.
They are being asked to decide whether the local planning authority's prior approval is required for demolition.
If the subsequent ruling says prior approval is unnecessary, knocking down the buildings will be able to proceed to an agreed timescale.
If prior approval is considered necessary, a formal application to the planning authority is expected to follow.
Asked on the recently submitted application form to state the reasons why demolition needs to take place, the reply was: "Regeneration of site, uses to be determined."
'Applicant details - Company Name'  is North Lincolnshire Council, Church Square House, Scunthorpe High Street.
A public consultation date relating to this prior approval application is now under way and will conclude on October 18.
A very detailed 58-page Heritage Impact Assessment is among documentation accompanying the application.
Today's Hewson House complex comprises various buildings constructed over a number of decades since the 1960s, including during the eras of Brigg Rural District Council and Glanford Borough Council.
The North Lincolnshire authority took over in 1996 and soon named the complex Hewson House in honour of Coun George Hewson, of Brigg, who had been a long-serving councillor, authority chairman and mayor.
Extensions were added on both sides of a former detached residence which was converted to office use prior to the Second World War.
It is not a listed property, nor designated as a local heritage asset.
The Hewson House offices are located near the Brigg Conservation Area, and there are a number of grade two listed properties in this part of the town.

PICTURED: Above - Front, side and rear views of Hewson House, and a sign in the entrance stressing 'Building Closed'. Below - a close-up of the former detached property, once a family home, which was subsequently converted to local authority use as offices.