Thursday, October 06, 2022


Brigg Market in ON today, despite suggestions on social media that it has been cancelled due to expected adverse weather.

We took this picture at 8am this morning as traders were getting their stalls ready... in bright sunshine, with only a light breeze.

Those who organise the market need to consider the safety of traders and shoppers, with anticipated high winds a factor.

One high profile weather forecaster at 6am this morning suggested 21mph could prevail by early afternoon.

Some traders on Brigg Market operate from metal trailers and vehicles, rather than stalls.

On earlier occasions when bad weather meant the stalls were ruled out, the market continued, on a reduced level, for this reason.

The social media post which appeared yesterday also suggested the cancellation of the Thursday market in Ashby today.

North Lincolnshire Council is the local markets authority and we have offered the council an opportunity to provide further details or supply a comment.

10.41am UPDATE: North Lincolnshire Council said: "Ashby Market and Brigg Market were cancelled last night after high winds were forecast. However, Brigg market stalls were already erected and some traders arrived this morning." 

11am: Having reflected on the advance cancellation of markets, Brigg Blog wonders if, in the future, the council might still give notice to shoppers and traders after learning of forecast adverse weather (such as high winds and snow) but point out that although the stalls cannot be erected in the town centre, a reduced market is still anticipated, from vehicles and trailers. And, if possible, indicate what may be on offer, e.g. fish, cakes, mobile catering. Ashby Market (cancelled today) uses stalls of a different design to those employed in Brigg.