Saturday, September 07, 2019


Public consultation is being undertaken about a new road planned for the outskirts of Brigg.
The relief road is earmarked to run from the Atherton Way area to connect with the A18 on Wrawby Road.
Much interest is being shown in the town about the proposed northern boundary link road so Brigg Blog expects the consultation sessions to be well attended.
North Lincolnshire Council will be central to the decision-making process as the highway and planning authorities, and also the body that oversees land for future housing development.
Its Leader, Coun Rob Waltham, revealed details of the forthcoming public consultation during Brigg Town Council's September meeting, held in the Angel Suite on Thursday evening (September 5).
Sessions will be held on Thursday and Friday, September 12 and 13.
Thursday's hours will be 10am to 2pm; Friday's will run from 3pm to 6pm.
The venue is the Buttercross, in the Market Place.
People are welcome to attend and make their views known, and a letter giving details of the consultation is being sent to all households.
Coun Waltham told his colleagues on Brigg Town Council that a new road had been planned for 20 years to alleviate traffic and act as a link.
Coun Ann Eardley said she did not think the proposed consultation was long enough, suggesting some people would be at work during the day and therefore unable to attend.
Coun Waltham replied that however lengthy the consultation period on any issue, it was never going to suit everyone. This was his view after many years in local government as a councillor.
Members of the public unable to make the consultation sessions are welcome to contact their Brigg & Wolds Ward councillors at any time.
They are Coun Waltham, Coun Carl Sherwood and Coun Nigel Sherwood. Email addresses are:
In their circular, the councillors say they want to make make people aware of the "resident engagement event."
They add: "The sessions are set to collect your views based on the proposals provided."
Brigg Blog listened with interest to the discussion during the Town Council meeting on Thursday.
Many people are keen to find out the exact route of the proposed link road and how it will connect with the existing network.
Grammar School Road has been a major bottleneck for many years, being the only way into and out of the Sprinbank housing estate.
Atherton Way has two schools and an industrial estate. It connects with the A18 through a roundabout not far from Tesco's store.
Meanwhile, there are plans to build 200+ new houses on farmland to the north of the town, close to the route of the proposed link road. The unitary council has yet to make a decision on this "screening request" for residential development. This is not a planning application.