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Nearly 200 people attended the consultation sessions held in Brigg on Thursday and Friday (September 12 and 13) about the proposed link/access road between Wrawby Road and Atherton Way which is creating considerable public interest.
That's a large response for a consultation in Brigg, judging by others held over the years.
Brigg Blog visited the Buttercross yesterday afternoon, speaking to two of our Brigg & Wolds Ward representatives on North Lincolnshire Council, Couns Rob Waltham (the Leader) and Coun Carl Sherwood (Cabinet member) who were present at the time.

They were kept busy informing townsfolk about the road's proposed route(s) and answering questions. Comments made by local folk were noted.

The proposed 'access only' traffic flow planned between the new route and Grammar School Road.

Important factors, it seems to us, include:
WHERE THE ACCESS/LINK ROAD JOINS WRAWBY ROAD: There are alternatives - near the existing Churchill Avenue junction (to be redesigned) or closer to Wrawby along the A18.
GRAMMAR SCHOOL ROAD: If approved as suggested the new access road will connect with Grammar School Road near the motorway flyover. However, access will NOT be permitted from the new road onto Grammar School Road and the Springbank housing estate. However, drivers WILL be able to EXIT Grammar School Road onto the new stretch of highway, it is suggested.
ATHERTON WAY: The exact location of the connection with the existing highway network will need careful consideration due to the close proximity of Brigg County Primary School and the newly-built Vale Academy, and the fact that much of Atherton Way is an industrial estate, connecting with the A18 at the Barnard Avenue/Ancholme Way roundabout near the Lidl store. How much additional traffic will result?
NEW HOUSING: Lodged a few months ago, a preliminary screening (rather than planning) application to build 226 new homes on agricultural land off Wrawby Road, near the Recreation Ground, has yet to be considered by North Lincolnshire Council. View details of the proposal through this link...  Clearly a very important factor will be access off the A18. Should it be near the Churchill Avenue junction or closer to Wrawby? However, even if the latter option is chosen, farmland will still remain as a buffer zone.
Many people visiting the consultation sessions were interested in the traffic management system being suggested for Grammar School Road - permitting vehicles to exit onto the access road but not come onto the Springbank estate. The aim is to avoid a "rat run" being created for motorists.
Local North Lincolnshire Council representatives stress that consultations did not end at 6pm last night when the second of the two sessions concluded. They remain keen to hear the views of people who could not make it to the Buttercross. So there's still time to have your say.
In addition, there are no target dates set for starting or completing the new road.
Brigg Blog wonders whether, if given the go ahead, the new link/access might be built in stages, at various times, with the first section serving the initial housing estate off Wrawby Road, if council planners give that their backing.
Only time will tell if we are on the right road with that!
The so-called Brigg North Development, involving many new homes near the existing Springbank estate and Wrawby Road, has been on the stocks, in planning terms, for more than 20 years; it's not a recent creation.

PICTURED ABOVE: Brigg's Coun Carl Sherwood during a brief lull in the consultation session held at the Buttercross yesterday afternoon (Friday) when he and Coun Rob Waltham were available to discuss the proposed link/access road and its route.

Two proposed alternatives for access onto Wrawby Road - near Churchill Avenue and further along the A18 (see the key below for more about the junctions).
The proposed route of the new link/access road behind part of the Springbank Estate, showing the planned connection with Grammar School Road.

The red line shows the proposed route(s) of the new access/link road between the A18 and Atherton Way.
A suggested connection with the Atherton Way area of town (red line).

Colour-coded key to the maps, with proposed sites for future housing indicated.

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