Saturday, June 16, 2018


Brigg - famous for its Horse Fair - is now a two bank town.
The NatWest branch, in the Market Place, has closed - leaving only Barclays and Lloyds within the town centre.
The ATM provision outside NatWest was unavailable to the public when we took the above picture on Thursday evening (June 14).
However, a range of measures have been put in place by the bank to assist customers in the future. Read about them here...

Now a couple of further updates...
Further to Brigg Blog's recent post about faulty lights on the St Helen's housing estate...
More lamps are 'on' during daylight hours - in King's Avenue and Burgess Road.
Regarding swooping swifts...
After giving the matter due consideration, we must conclude there are far fewer about in Brigg this year than we usually see, although those that have made it back from Africa seem to have plenty of insects available for them to eat on the wing. 

What's the cause of declining swift numbers? Is it just a local issue or perhaps a national one?

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Ken Harrison said...

Sorry, Nige....Brigg is not famous for its Horse's famous for Brigg Fair.
The Charter granted a FAIR....'Brigg Fair' song makes no mention of a horse fair.
The travelling community superimposed local encampments and horse trading at the time of the Brigg started in the late 1800's
However, since the Brigg Fair is now not actually celebrated as an event, folks are wrongly assuming that the travellers various activities on the Brigg Fair date is the Brigg other words it is erroneously assumed that the so-called Horse Fair and Brigg Fair are the same event, which it is not.