Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Here's a fine selection of  colourful pictures showing the Brigg Pump Blessing 2018 event  within the town centre on Saturday, June 9.
The images were taken by Ken Harrison, of Brigg Matters Magazine.
Brigg Town Business Partnership co-ordinated the festivities, which were supported by Brown & Co, Nisa Local, Wetherspoon's and Tesco.

Among those taking part, and pictured here, were the Beverley Garlands,  Green Ginger from Hull, the Steam-punk ladies from the Botanical Engineers, The Rainbows and the Tatterfoals.
Brigg Town Mayor Coun  Donald Campbell, Mayoress Coun  Tina Campbell and Deputy Town Mayor Coun Brian Parker were in attendance as the pumps were garlanded.
The cast iron pumps are on Bridge Street and Grammar School Road South.
Following the days when typhoid and cholera were still a threat, they  dispensed clean drinking water to families in the town centre who lived in houses which did not have piped supplies.
Folk took along their buckets to draw the day's supply.
Most towns and villages removed their pumps when they became obsolete but Brigg - during the era of the Urban District Council - decided to keep ours as a lasting reminder.

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