Tuesday, June 19, 2018


D (for decision) Day passed without a ruling on a Brigg planning application.
It was due to go before elected councillors sitting on North Lincolnshire Council's planning committee during a meeting at Scunthorpe Civic Centre.
However, North Lincolnshire Council later explained that the application from Lifestyle for advertisement consent to display a non-illuminated fascia sign at 4 Market Place had been withdrawn shortly before the meeting by the applicant, so no decision was required.
A planning officer's report was recommending that the committee rejected the submission for the former cafe between the Woolpack and Brown & Co.
The officer suggested: "Whilst the re-use of the property is to be welcomed, the number, scale and positions of the signs are considered to be excessive, and detrimental to the character of the building as a whole, and the conservation area."
It remains to be seen whether a revised application will be submitted.