Tuesday, April 17, 2018



You can read over 7,000 newspapers and magazines from around the world on your phone, tablet or computer using North Lincolnshire Libraries’ new PressReader service.
Library members can dive into over 700 UK publications, including catching up on the day’s headlines from The Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Independent, The Daily Express and The Daily Telegraph.
You can also explore a wide variety of magazines covering crafts, hobbies, computing and tech advice, gaming, entertainment and lifestyle.
As well as British publications, the service gives access to newspapers and magazines from over 100 different countries in 60 different languages including Polish, Chinese, Russian, Romanian and French.
The PressReader service also has a listen function which uses text to speech software, so visually impaired users can listen to newspaper articles and magazines instead of reading them.
To access the service and start reading newspaper and magazines today, simply download the free PressReader app from the App Store or Play Store. Then you can log in to the app by selecting the Library option, choosing North Lincolnshire from the list, and entering your library card number.
Library members get free access to all the PressReader publications for three days. After those three days, simply log out and log back in using your library card number for a further three days’ free access.
You can also visit www.pressreader.com to use PressReader through your computer or laptop.
A spokesperson for North Lincolnshire Council said: “This new PressReader service from our libraries is simply fantastic. You can read the paper, check out the latest edition of your favourite magazines, or even explore a new hobby, all without having to leave the house or spend any money!
“In the first week of the service alone, our library members read over 2,000 publications, so it is already proving popular. What are you waiting for? Download the app and start reading for free today.”
If you’re not already a member of North Lincolnshire Libraries but want to start reading newspapers and magazines online, come and see us in your local library to sign up now.

NF ADDS: Brigg Library is situated within the Angel complex, off the Market Place.

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