Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Liverpool had its Cavern venue where the Beatles famously played in their early days. Now Brigg has something that looks a shade similar.
As part of internal refurbishment at the Woolpack Inn, the walls in the area where the bands play have been given a grey-tile effect which immediately reminded us of archive pictures we've seen of The Cavern.
On Saturday night, local band Black Orchid was performing  a wide range of rock and pop covers, which got folk up on the dance floor.
Last week we received a Facebook post from the Woolie, which gave details of other refurbishment inside the town centre premises.
There's new Elmwood flooring and carpets from Dean Wray, of Bridge Street.
"Why not pop in and have a look?" the management said.
So we thought it only right to take them up on the invitation and were pleased we did.
We previously reported the installation of new toilets at the Woolpack. View details here...
Bands perform regularly at weekends at this venue - admission free.

On Saturday 21st April the Woolpack will have live singer Noel "NOZ" Reilly performing.
Brigg Blog posts details of the gigs in advance.

PICTURED: Black Orchid performing at the Woolpack. We doubt the Cavern had a dart board.


Ken Harrison said...

Everyone seems to have a fixation on the Cavern Club, but in the early 60s there was an equally famous club on Liverpool's rock scene....the Iron Door Club in nearby Temple St.
If you want to be pedantic, I don't think the Beatles performed there, but the group did under their earlier Silver Beatles name.
The IDC was also the venue for such groups as Gerry and the P/makers and the Searchers...

Ken Harrison said...

At the time in the early 60's I was a little too young to venture to Liverpool's rock scene, but my older brother was a regular visitor.....he even went to the same youth club that Billy Fury went to.
My brother had a bit of a flair of brushing with future famous folk; when he left school he got a job at a fruit importers in central Liverpool. Part of his role was to go down to the docks and get samples and on these occasions he was aided by a Mr White a dock supervisor . Mr White also taught my brother to drive the brown van thro' around the dock road and warehouses....Mr White turned out to be
Priscilla White's dad...better known as
Cilla Black.
Earlier, my Uncle Ken and Aunty Barbara had their coal delivered by Ken Dodd - his family ran the coal merchants in nearby Knotty Ash.