Monday, April 16, 2018


Many thanks to a very helpful member of staff at North Lincolnshire Council who has finally resolved several street lighting problems in Brigg.
Over many months, Brigg Blog flagged up  a bulb that was out of action on St Helen's Road, close to the junction with Hedgerow Lane.
We tried reporting it several times using the council's online system but without success.
So we eventually went back to basics and made a simple phone call.
Within a few days this light was attended to. And not only that; a new LED one was installed.
The council did likewise at another lamp-post further along St Helen's Road, where the bulb was faulty.
They also called at Springfield Road - a short cul-de-sac - and turned both the street lights over to LED, one having been out for several weeks.
LED lights are white, replacing the amber glow of traditional bulbs.
The council, as our local highway authority, has a rolling programme to install LED lights across the district, as time and funds permit.

LED lights use less 'juice' and so reduce the authority's considerable electricity bill.

PICTURED ABOVE: The street light on St Helen's Road, near Hedgerow Lane,  junction, out of action in March 2017. The problem has now been resolved.

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Ken Harrison said...

Illuminating, Nige.
Thanks for enlightening us.