Wednesday, November 08, 2017


Football fans taking the train to watch an FA Cup tie, the official cause of a delay experienced by local travellers and flowerbed planting not far from our railway station are just some of the topics touched upon in the latest far-reaching report on the Brigg Line Blog dated November 4, 2017. Even we merit a mention!
Use this link to read the full Brigg Line Blog report...
The decision to spend a six-figure sum installing the big blue footbridge at Brigg station has been criticised as being 'a white elephant' in a feature article which appeared recently in the national press. Read it here...
Having arrived at Brigg station last Saturday morning in pouring rain and found the small waiting shelter already full of passengers, Brigg Blog discovered that the sturdy footbridge support 'leg' on platform one offers a good alternative spot to stay dry. Standing room only, though.

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