Thursday, November 09, 2017


Planning permission has been granted to replace an existing garden shed with a shed and covered barbeque area at 12 Westrum Lane, Brigg.
Brigg Town Council supported the proposal.
A report prepared by North Lincolnshire Council planners said the proposed shed measured 2.475m x 5.175m, with a ridge height of 3.949m; the covered barbeque area measured 3.525m x 5.175m.
"These structures will replace an existing garden shed and will be built on a similar footprint and in the same part of the applicant’s rear garden," the report added.
"It will not result in loss of residential amenity or impact on highway safety and will be screened to the rear of the applicant’s dwelling."
N.F. ADDS:  Food for thought... Some followers of our Blog will be surprised that a small-scale alteration like this needs planning approval.

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Ken Harrison said...

Small-scale, Nigel?....look at the measurements, its a blinking large could take 2 snooker tables!!