Monday, November 06, 2017


Brigg is rightly proud of the personal service offered to customers by many of our specialist, niche shops ranging from Brian's DIY to Sankey's Sweets, Jaylaurs, Mundey's, Dunham's and Wallhead's, to name just a few of many.
But staff working for some of the national retailers in town are also prepared to go that extra mile to assist shoppers.
During a recent visit to Tesco, we were sorry to find the shelf empty where bottles of our favourite real ale can usually be found.
A male member of staff was further along the aisle with a pallet of items from which he was stocking the shelves.
He took the trouble to look through the pile to find a pack of Bank's beer, cut open the protective wrapper and sorted our requirements.
Much appreciated!

We were able to raise a glass to his efforts later that evening.

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