Saturday, September 09, 2017


Back in the 1960s and 1970s, older Brigg Blog followers may recall at the Newlands end of Barnard Avenue - in its original form, prior to the 1990s addition of the Ancholme Way bridge - there was a short spur of road that didn't lead anywhere.
We were reminded of this when we took the above picture at the weekend at the northerly end of Atherton Way, with the  entrance to the new Vale Academy on the right.
Note the road spur on the left - constructed to a high standard.
Beyond the trees is Grammar School Road, just before the flyover crosses the M180.
Could it be that, in the not too distant future, this road will be extended behind the Springbank estate, serving new homes to be built on land close to the motorway.
Could the new section  cross a field or two and link up with Wrawby Road?
This would  allow drivers to get to, and from, this part of the town - either along Atherton Way or through the A18 onto Wrawby Road, near the top of Churchill Avenue.
It would remove the  bottleneck on Grammar School Road.
Wishful thinking? We shall see.

For the benefit of Brigg Blog followers who have yet to venture down to the very end of Atherton Way to take a look at the new Vale Academy building, completed earlier this year, here it is...

The new Vale is close to Brigg Primary School, seen below.


Ken Harrison said...

.....apart from extending the spur to form a connection to Brickyard Lane....why not seek access/exit to the M180 at this point?
Brigg is potentially hindered by having only one road bridge; everything is focussed along Barnard Ave.
Should the time come when this area of the town is closed, Brigg will become crippled.
Direct access within the town to the M180 will have a multi-benefit to Brigg - it will create an alternate route - a second river crossing and will immediately make the vacant land around Atherton Way (and its environs) a prime candidate for retail/business development...thus, creating additional jobs during a period of seemingly rapid development of planned house building...and reduce the frequency of gov vehicles having to traverse the town along the A18.

Ken Harrison said...

Impossible! have to only travel on the motorway system to see how many new junctions have been added since a motorway has been constructed....
......then add this to up-grading the A15 towards Lincoln.....stragically the area surrounding Brigg would become a significant enterprise hub....