Thursday, September 21, 2017


There has been a notable reduction in month-on-month crime in Brigg, we are pleased to report.
The latest official statistics have now been released through
They are for July 2017 when 50 crimes of various types were recorded, compared to 77 during June.
The breakdown of these 50 offences for July, exactly as listed by the police, is:

  • Anti-social behaviour 4
  • Bicycle theft     1
  • Burglary 9
  • Criminal damage and arson 4
  • Drugs 0
  • Other crime 1
  • Other theft 9
  • Possession of weapons 0
  • Public order 2
  • Robbery 1
  • Shoplifting 6
  • Theft from the person 0
  • Vehicle crime 3
  • Violence and sexual offences 10
The statistics show crimes committed within a one-mile radius of Brigg town centre.
With 50 offences reported during July 2017, it is worth comparing with the same month in previous years.

  • During July 2016 there were 54 crimes.
  • In July 2015 there were 60.
So, to sum up, as Jack Warner (Sgt Jack Dixon) always did at the end of Dixon of Dock Green - the long-running TV series many of use loved to watch - the latest figures show that fewer than two Brigg crimes a day are being reported to police.
"Good evening all!"