Thursday, December 31, 2015


Driving back into Brigg recently, in mid-afternoon, along the A18, we observed many approaching vehicles with lights already switched on but also some cyclists who were not showing any form of illumination on their machines.
But before two-wheel enthusiasts think we are having a dig at them, we would like to say how impressed we were to see a lady cyclist a few days later walking through the Market Place, wheeling her machine. This made a very pleasant change from seeing cyclists whizzing about ourtown centre's busy pedestrian area.
Sadly, we now realise that age is catching up with us. We were a shade riled by the noise being made by  youngsters in Wrawby Street and the Market Place, some on bikes and some with push-along scooters (unsure of the correct modern description). 
On reflection, they were only having a good time and letting off a bit of steam, as we did when we were their age. But they were a bit loud - even for those of us who are a bit hard of hearing.

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