Wednesday, December 30, 2015


On several occasions over a number of months, Brigg Blog has flagged up the issue of lorries staying all night in the Old Courts Road car park. 
So we were interested to read in the latest issue of the In Touch Newsletter, from the Brigg and Wolds Ward Conservatives, that six HGVs were recently issued with fixed penalty notices.
It doesn't say so in the brief reference, but we presume this has been done by North Lincolnshire Council, which runs  municipal car parks in the district.
If you look closely on the parking meters there's a notice saying that a 3.5-tonne limit applies to vehicles using the facility.
The news that action has been taken against overnight parkers will surely spread within the trucking community and may deter others who will not wish to be hit in the pocket.
Some Brigg people may wonder why a few lorries parking up is an issue to the authorities. There's bags of room in the Old Courts Road car park at night when very few private cars are about, and the lorrries you see late on are generally positioned on the perimeter, at the back of the police station.
Some, or most, of the truckers who park up overnight call at Brigg businesses, such as fast food outlets, or perhaps buy a newspaper in the morning, a soft drink or a pack of ciggies.  So there's some benefit  to our economy.
A thought crossed out minds about the council charging a fiver a time for lorries using Old Courts Road. Drivers to pay at the machines. However, the cost of paying overtime to community parking wardens to "police" night-time parking might make this uneconomic. 
Then again, if it became an official lorry park, with 30+ vehicles a night parking up, this could become a good source of extra income for the council and (more importantly?) potentially provide worthwhile extra takings for the night-time economy in Brigg.
As Hughie Green used to say: "It's make your mind up time, folks."