Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Looking ahead to 2016 we'd like to request that the authorities PLEASE take  action to tackle the problem of vehicles being driven into Brigg town centre which have no valid reason to be there. 
Three  in quick succession came down Cary Lane this morning into the Market Place. Just a few minutes earlier a 4x4 type had been driven right down Wrawby Street.
Why should shoppers have to step aside in a PEDESTRIAN AREA?
As we've said umpteen times before, the only solution is to have a prolonged blitz on offenders, hit them in the pocket and then publicise, far and wide, what it cost them. 
Send out a press release to  traditional media outlets, put the info on Facebook and Twitter. Better, still stick up a few temporary signs in the town centre to say how many errant drivers have had to pay for accessing the pedestrian zone without proper cause.
We'd like to see North Lincolnshire Council wardens and the police involved in this. But confusion continues over whether it's the local authority or the police, or both, who have the power to take action against drivers who choose to ignore the No Entry warning signs.
Someone, surely, needs to take the initiative. Or what's the point of the Pedestrian Area? 


Ken Harrison said...

I'd start at the beginning, Nige....I'd like someone to officially establish the legal status of the zone when the pedestrian area was proposed.
Somewhere there should be legal documentation in which Humberside closed the A18 running thro' Brigg..re-routeing it via Barnard Ave.
I have a niggling suspicion that no such legal standing exists, which would explain the dilemma.
To put this into perspective...the Barnard Ave route was never designed as a Brigg by-pass.....the proposed route gained an EC grant as an 'Enterprise' road to offer better access and to create industrial growth down Atherton Way.
In practical terms, the route has become a inner by-pass....a term which indeed was already expressed at the time of construction....but the EC grant especially exempt local authorities using such funding in resolving local traffic flow issues.
Consequently, the question arises of how could Humberside legally re-route the A18 thro Brigg's centre via Barnard Ave without losing the EC grant to specifically construct an enterprise road to serve primarily Atherton Way.
Did Humberside just allow the pedestrianization of the Market Place an the back of the realisation that Barnard Ave could be used as a by-pass route, while no legal re-classification existed?

Unknown said...

it seems daft that cycles are not allowed through wrawby street & market place yet cars & lorries are[so they can make deliveries & access flats].
on anouther note during the on thurs 17th while manning the stall at least 6 cars & 2 vans came over the bridge from bridge street which has no access through mentioned this to my friend who runs a shop told me it happens regular each thurs by the same people.

Ken Harrison said...

This is why we have to go back to beginning, Pete....
No-one seems to know what the rules are....if, indeed, any by-laws have been made.
Are the notions of 'no cycling' and being car-free only the wishful thinking of some.....and have never really been established by the local authority...
As a devil's advocate.....my advice for a driver clobbered for driving down Wrawby St...(a predicted rare event...one's more likely to get manure
from a rocking horse)...would be to ask the court for the local authority to present the by-laws affecting the town centre.....One would logically assume that Brigg TC would maintain copies of such....but no...ask NLC for details, one gets general comments about dates when the pedestrianization was established....but the fundamental questions of the legal status and which by-laws apply are evaded.....

Paul said...

Do North Lincolnshire Council do signs ? 3 years and waiting for some railway station signs you may have to join the Q.