Monday, December 21, 2015


We've now sampled some of the  food and drink on the menu at the Mumbai Lounge - the newest eatery in Brigg. 
Serving Indian cuisine, it occupies the former Kar Chinese Restaurant, on Old Courts Road.
The Mumbai is doing takeaways as well as offering a sit-down menu.
The decor inside has also been transformed.
We had a very generous pickle tray, a tasty tikka starter and a main course dish we'd not tried before, which included chickpeas. They inquired whether we wanted mild, medium or hot before passing the order through to the kitchen.
We loved the fluffy naan bread, which we've already recommended to friends and family.
While at the Mumbai we saw a number of people we knew, which was unsurprising. But also many faces we didn't recognise. This is a healthy sign, showing that the eatery is already attracting people from the town boundaries.