Friday, December 04, 2015


Brigg Town Mayor Coun James Truepenny told the Town Council's monthly meeting that concerns about the visibility of the new traffic signals on the A18 had been made to him by some local people.
Coun Rob Waltham - Deputy Leader of North Lincolnshire Council, as well as being a member of the Town Council - said comments received about the new controls had generally been positive.
Brigg Blog has now received a message from a concerned member of the public.
She told us: "I am a Brigg resident and a car driver. I am concerned about the new traffic lights at Wesley Road and Old Courts Road. I have no problem with them, but some drivers are not looking at them properly and going over on red. A few times they have done it in front of me. They look at the green light to turn right so they think they can go straight ahead. 
"There will be an accident if people don't look at the lights correctly."
NF ADDS: Good points made there by our correspondent. The council has erected signs alerting drivers to the changed lights sequence. However, the alterations do take some getting used to. Remember the old saying: Familiarity breeds contempt."


Ken Harrison said...

I concur with the observation.....indeed, I e-mailed the local NLC councillors some weeks ago, soon after the new light-sequence was introduced.
The basic problems are..
1. B4 the new sequence, which give a green to drivers turning right at the junction before those wanting to go forward, or to turn left....the old sequence was the opposite.
2. Related to the above, the stop line is perhaps too close to the traffic lights on the left-hand-side, insomuch that a driver may have to duck down to clearly see the lights thro' the windscreen, on the left..
3. Related to 1 and 2, the lights on the right, which are clearly in the drivers' sight-line to the right can offer a false green to go forward, when they only relate to those turning right.

Admittedly, the lights caught me out when they were first installed....but I learnt by mistake only to observe that an inordinate number of drivers were going off on a red.
Essentially, it seems that the first driver in a queue can really only see the lights on the right....the TL on the left can be
obscured by the car stopping too close to the lights with the car's structure hiding the left-side lights from the driver......the second and subsequent drivers in a queue have a much better view of both sets of lights....

Ken Harrison said...

.....perhaps a taller driver...given the height of his/her more likely to have some difficulty seeing the TL on the left.......a driver who sits lower in the driving seat is more likely to see the lights from the present stop line....