Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Christmas in Brigg would not be Christmas wthout some seasonal stocking up on batteries.
Children's toys, torches (in case of power cuts) and - most important of all - the TV/Sky remote controls can  need new batteries inserting over the festive season.
So please  note if you are about to stock up on AAs or U2s that there's a re-cycling box for dud batteries near the checkout in Martin's shop, on Wrawby Street.
This offers an alternative to just throwing the spent batteries away in the general waste bin.

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Ken Harrison said...

Obviously, if there is a power cut, one can't charge re-chargeable batteries...but remember there is a phone charger in most cars....but make sure first that the car battery is ok and not fail over during cold weather.
ps Nige, if there is a power cut, having a good battery in the tv remote is no got if the telly ain't working.....