Sunday, April 05, 2020


Our recent post featuring retired Brigg shopkeeper Eddie Instone's interesting memories of various grocery businesses from past decades was very well read.
Brigg Blog follower Steve Brumpton contacted us about Eddie's reference to the Newlands housing  estate 'corner shop' once owned by Coun George Hewson.
Steve says this shop on Colton Street was still open in the early 1980s, being close to the junction with Ash Grove.
"The entrance door was on the left-hand side, and it was a small shop with just a single aisle down the centre," he recalls. 

"The counter was on the right, and a there was freezer (stocking my then-favourite – mini milks) amongst the shelves on the left, about half-way along. I’m pretty sure that the shop was referred to as Simpson’s."
Steve says it was acquired by a family after closure as a shop and the front was rebuilt to remove the doorway and shop window. The garden wall was extended to encompass the area in front of the old shop.
"It’s the single-storey extension which is still there," he adds.
Steve has helpfully provided this Google Maps link to explain...
Also popular was another blog post on a similar theme - the 20th anniversary of the closure of Turner's butchery business which served its last family recipe Lincolnshire sausages made on the Queen Street premises in early April 2000.
A number of people posted appreciative comments and memories of the shop after a link to our story had been shared on Facebook.
Clearly, like us, many locals still miss Turner's, which could trace its roots back well into the 19th century.
Even now, Christmas is not the same without a Turner's pork pie on the table!
We'd like to feature pictures of the Newlands grocery shop and others of Turner's in its prime if anyone has some to share. Please email if you can assist.
With apologies to Matt Groening for the above headline!

PICTURED ABOVE: Instones shop, on Wrawby Street, in the 1990s - following closure.

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