Thursday, December 21, 2017


Crime in and just outside Brigg  has shown a marked increase, latest official figures show.
Statistics issued through outline 59 crimes  within a one-mile radius of Brigg town centre during October 2017 - a rise of 12 on September's total.
The crimes reported to police during October were:

  • Violence and sexual offences 15
  • Anti-social behaviour 10
  • Shoplifting 8
  • Criminal damage and arson     8
  • Other theft 5
  • Public order 4
  • Burglary 3
  • Other crime  3
  • Vehicle crime 2
  • Drugs 1
  • Bicycle theft 0
  • Possession of weapons  0
  • Robbery 0
  • Theft from the person 0
The 59 crimes took place at a variety of locations.
Twenty were carried out in, or near, the town centre while seven others took place on the Springbank housing estate.
Seven crimes were reported on the Water's Edge housing estate which is in Broughton parish but within a one-mile radius of Brigg town centre.
The police statistics also include three further incidents on/near Scawby Road and Silversides - again outside Brigg's boundary.
View full details on the police's locational map through this link...

By way of comparison here are figures from previous years.

  • October 2016 - 51 crimes reported.
  • October 2015 - 39 crimes reported.