Tuesday, December 26, 2017



Many of us produce extra waste over the Christmas period – from extra bottles and cans to old batteries and boxes – and much of it can be recycled.
If you’re hosting a get together with friends and family over Christmas, you can rinse your glass bottles and drinks cans and recycle them in your green box.
If you’ve used the last of your hairspray, deodorant or shaving foam getting ready for a night out, you can recycle your empty aerosol cans in your green box too.
After opening all your gifts on Christmas morning, cardboard and most plastic packaging can be recycled in your burgundy bin. Unfortunately, wrapping paper cannot be recycled.
Used batteries from toys and games can be placed in a clear plastic bag and put on top of your green box, ready to be recycled.
Once you’ve had your Christmas dinner, empty jars, tins and clean aluminium foil can all be recycled in your green box.
When the time comes to take your decorations down, if you have a small real tree, it can be cut up and placed in your brown bin. Larger trees can be recycled at your local Household Recycling Centre.
Your Christmas cards can be recycled in your burgundy bin, providing they do not have glitter on them. If you remove the sticky and any plastic window from envelopes, these can be recycled in your blue box.
Christmas food and party food often comes with lots of extra cardboard or plastic packaging. You can recycle clean cardboard, corrugated cardboard, food and drink cartons, plastic bottles, and plastic food containers - including yogurt pots and margarine tubs – in your burgundy bin.
Please note that, unfortunately, we cannot recycle plastic bags or films, polystyrene, cardboard crisp tubes with a metal base, or black plastic food containers.
Cllr Richard Hannigan, Deputy Leader of North Lincolnshire Council, said: “As we celebrate with friends and family over the festive season, we are bound to end up creating more rubbish than usual. That doesn’t mean it all has to end up going to landfill! Lots of what we use more of at Christmas can be recycled at home.
“Before you throw something in your general waste bin this Christmas, take a second to think, can I recycle this?”
For more hints and tips on what you can recycle this Christmas, take a look at our A to Z of Christmas recycling at www.northlincs.gov.uk/waste
Don’t forget to check your waste and recycling collection dates over Christmas to make sure you don’t miss bin day.

NF ADDS: The nearest household recycling centre to Brigg is just outside Broughton - see picture below.  Go through Castlethorpe and turn left off the Wressle road. There are recycling bins for glass, paper and cans at the Tesco store, Barnard Aveue, Brigg, and on the edge of the Old Courts Road car park.

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